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Michael Jinkins offers some good examples of healthy leadership in his recent article. We often assume leadership to be a positive trait, but in fact, it can be good or bad, constructive or destructive. Or, as I believe, healthy or unhealthy. How do we distinguish healthy from unhealthy leadership? I believe there are 10 characteristics [...]

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The TV commercial once said: “You only go around once in life. Grab all the gusto you can.” That’s not a bad idea. …….but the gusto you should grab is probably not what most people have in mind. A lot of Christians are falling victim to the mad dash for self-fulfillment. Today: you’ll hear a [...]

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Support “Keep Christ in Christmas” and earn FREE Christmas music, an entry to win the latest Jack Countryman Christmas book, and more! Click the image below to hear the song and enter the contest.

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Bible stories are often told like fairy tales; they become larger than life. But the author of the Christmas story included a footnote that firmly plants the story of Jesus’ birth in an historical context. Luke wanted us to know that what “came to pass” was not a fairy tale, but rather the greatest story [...]

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Many parts of the U.S. are covered in snow and ice right now. Schools, roads and many businesses are closed. It’s a snow day! After you venture out and explore the winter wonderland that is your neighborhood, play a little in the snow and start to find movies to watch today, why not add a special [...]

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Henry Ward Beecher said, “The first hour is the rudder of the day – The Golden Hour” Be very careful how you start your morning. You are planting the seeds for what the day will hold. If you get up late, grab a cheap cup of coffee, rush to work fuming at the idiots in [...]

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We have to thank several readers/visitors of Authentic Christian Living for recommending this wonderful sermon from The Moody Church in Chicago. We very much appreciate your prayers and help in finding great material. Who loves their enemies? Is that even a realistic goal? How is that possible? Rev. Bill Bertsche, Pastor for Global Outreach at [...]

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Deal with tax stress through taking advantage of some of these freebies you can snag on April 15: Boston Market: Individual dinner plates BOGO Free 04/15/2010 through 04/18/2010. Cinnabon – 2 Free Cupcake Bites on 04/15/2010 between 6pm and 8pm. HydroMassage – Free massages 04/15/2010 through 04/18/2010. MaggieMoo’s – Free sample of MaggieMia’s Ice Cream Pizza on 04/15/2010 [...]

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We asked our community on Facebook what they find helps them prepare for Easter and reminds them of the price Christ paid for our sins and his resurrection. We also wanted to know if they watch it by themselves, with family or do they make an event out of it with friends. Here are the [...]

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This was the plan for the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s Origina of Species. Read more about the project at OriginIntoSchools.com and visit Living Waters, who put together the project.

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