…”but I love him anyway, visit ” is one of the most profound theological statements on marriage I’ve ever heard. Most of us base love on because, not on anyway. I love you because you’re good to me. I love you because you’re kind, because you’re considerate, because you keep the romance alive. But in Luke 6:32-36, Jesus says we shouldn’t love because. We should love anyway. If we love someone because that person is good to us, or gives back to us, or is kind to us, we’re acting no better than anyone else. In essence, Jesus is saying you don’t need the Holy Spirit to love a man who remembers every anniversary…

Will you love only because? Or are you willing to love anyway?…Christians are called to anyway love. That’s what makes us different. That’s what gives glory to God…
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Loving Someone Without Feeling It

It certainly is — because love is more than a feeling. It is primarily a decision. Married couples who misunderstand this point will have serious problems when the feeling of love disappears for a time.

Couples who genuinely love each other will experience times of closeness, times when they feel apathetic, and times when they are irritated and cranky. That’s just the way emotions operate.

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Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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2 Comments on Anyway Love is Real Love

  1. jmacleve says:

    Try that in the face of emotional and physical abuse. I’m still here because there is no “out” to a marriage like mine in Scripture, and because I promised that I was in it for better or for worse. I’m not sure that translates to love any more, only obligation.

  2. committedstruggle says:

    Sorry for your situation, jmacleve. I understand. I find myself with the same dilemna at times. I especially hate articles that instruct wives to express their needs to improve the relationship. That expression is so often only met with ridicule and sarcasm. Staying in the marriage then feels a lot like obligation.

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