Listen to Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, website Running To Win, stomatology discuss how the world’s view on marriage, drugs divorce and sexual behavior seen on prime-time TV and in the media affects our lives. Is the Bible still applicable, and how would our lives change if we followed a different path than what the current culture says is right.

  • Sexual Freedom: The Poisoned Oasis #1 of 4
  • Watch prime-time TV for two hours. You’ll conclude that extramarital sex and divorce are choices we can freely make……

    …….yes, we’re free all right…free to ruin our lives and ruin the lives of others. The sexual revolution has a dark side…and we’d better count the cost. Today: we’ll take a frank look at freedom run amok…even among Christians.

  • Sexual Freedom: The Poisoned Oasis #2 of 4
  • God intended marriage to be permanent. But our culture says marriages can be broken when a better deal comes along……

    …….however, that better deal carries with it some heavy baggage: the psychological burden of multiple sexual bonds, and the fragmented families left behind. Today: more on the sexual revolution’s dark side, and why God’s design for marriage is the only one that works.

  • Sexual Freedom: The Poisoned Oasis #3 of 4
  • If we could see the scars we’ll bear when we break God’s laws on sexual behavior, we’d never break them in the first place……

    …….God designed our greatest sexual fulfillment to be in a covenant marriage relationship, not in a succession of one-night stands. Casual sex leaves behind some not-so-casual memories…memories that create bondage. Today: the myth of sexual freedom.

  • Sexual Freedom: The Poisoned Oasis #4 of 4
  • No one involved in sexual promiscuity really wants to be there. They are trapped, looking desperately for a way out….

    It’s said that all of Satan’s apples have worms…and too many Christians have bitten into casual sex. But God has given us a way out of the lifestyle of so-called sexual freedom. Today: words of hope from the Bible for those caught in the web of sexual sin.

Do you agree with this? How does this affect your view of the world? How has following the culture affected you or your friends?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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