Christian men and women in the dating world are met with so much wrong thinking in their relationships. It’s my hope to help you identify certain destructive lies in your thinking before it is too late.

LIE #1:  She’s flirting with me because she thinks I’m great.
LIE #3:  Her lack of faith won’t pull me down.
LIE #5:  If she knew who I really am, she wouldn’t want me.
LIE #7:  When I marry her, my lust problem will be solved.
LIE #9:  Her past is her past—I don’t need to know.

Visit Crosswalk to read the all nine lies.

Do you agree with these? Are there others that you would add?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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1 Comment on 9 Lies Men Tell Themselves About Women

  1. Stryder says:

    Lies men tell them self about women,”When she calls me a ‘Nice Guy’ she means it as a compliment.

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