We can all remember our school days when we were faced with exams. We spent all day in school-and still we panicked when it came to test time. Why? Perhaps it’s because our time in the classroom was only one part of the learning process. The other part was time at home engaging with the material through homework, weight loss worksheets, sildenafil and flashcards-all designed to prepare us for exams and to make sure we had a grasp of the material and were headed in the right direction. The exam brought panic because it was the culmination of all of our hard work and the measure of our direction and mastery of the material.  These exams and tests were for our benefit. They measured our growth, highlighted our strengths and weaknesses, and guided us to the paths we should take. The same is true of our spiritual lives…

We must examine ourselves with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and always be ready to be tested. Always being ready for exams is foundational to a positive life in Christ.

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Each of us has adopted a worldview whether we realize it or not. Principles and precepts shape the way we view the world around us. The lens we look through will determine how we perceive all that we see. If the prescription isn’t correct, order nothing will be clearly in focus.

Have you thought about which lens you are looking through? For years, we did not actively think about it ourselves.

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Christian men and women in the dating world are met with so much wrong thinking in their relationships. It’s my hope to help you identify certain destructive lies in your thinking before it is too late.

LIE #1:  She’s flirting with me because she thinks I’m great.
LIE #3:  Her lack of faith won’t pull me down.
LIE #5:  If she knew who I really am, ask she wouldn’t want me.
LIE #7:  When I marry her, hair
my lust problem will be solved.
LIE #9:  Her past is her past—I don’t need to know.

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Do you agree with these? Are there others that you would add?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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  1. Stryder says:

    Lies men tell them self about women,”When she calls me a ‘Nice Guy’ she means it as a compliment.

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