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I admit that I struggle with procrastination. But me, a perfectionist? Hardly. A perfectionist is someone who does everything perfectly. I only think about doing things perfectly. Not long ago, I had the opportunity to hear what Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California, had to say on this subject. A procrastinator, says [...]

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Every week, millions of viewers tune into “The Office” to watch the endless antics at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. But why is this show so popular? It seems that the situations are not too far removed from our own day-to-day frustrations. And like the TV characters, many Americans now find themselves in jobs where they are spinning [...]

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Work. Sometimes it’s a place where you’re cranking out ideas and projects like a well-oiled machine. Other times, you’re squeaking through the day, easily distracted. And trust us, we know it’s tough to get everything done. With the workplace in a constant state of change and many companies forced to consolidate job responsibilities to keep [...]

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Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts explains how his faith in God and Christianity played a role in his success and his decision in early 2009 to retire from the NFL to pursue a passion for ministering to young men. Read more about Tony Dungy’s story here (click the icon in [...]

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We live in a world where everyone seems preoccupied with success. Television, the Internet, radio, and magazines give us a global bird’s-eye view of the world’s winners—and losers. And we’re fascinated by it, aren’t we?  But what does it mean to succeed in life? Furthermore, given how the world reacts to successful people, and considering [...]

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Employers are increasingly using creative ways to interview and decide on new employees. While employers cannot ask directly, most hiring managers acknowledge that how a candidate conducts themselves in their personal life serves as an indicator for how they will react in many ways on the job. Is the employee organized (may look at how [...]

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We found an interview with Richard Nelson Bolles, author of the now-classic book on unemployment, What Color Is Your Parachute? about discerning God’s will when facing unemployment What do you tell Christians struggling with the effects of the recession? What direction do you give in The Job Hunter’s Survival Guide? What are the best strategies for [...]

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This is focused on men that have reached “midlife” but it applies to everyone, especially at the beginning of a new year.

“A midlife crisis isn’t inevitable. Rather than quitting your job, buying a motorcycle, and leaving your family behind to ride off into the sunset, you can discover what truly matters most. Then you can live based on that, to make the rest of your life better than anything you’ve experienced before.”

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“What if every professing Christian suggested [respectfully] reasonable boundaries between home and office to their employers? Would such suggestions be met with termination? Or instead, would Christians be asserting a truth that may actually inspire others and stop the continued intrusion of the marketplace into the private sphere of family?” Click the link below for [...]

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