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Have you thought about the long term effects of your decisions? Please watch this 4 minute video from the lead singer of Casting Crowns.

The good news is our lives, our marriages and our friendships can be rebuilt through repentance, forgiveness and grace. What will you decide today.

Here is the music video for the Casting Crowns song Slow Fade.

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Your character and behavior are a stronger statements to others than anything you can ever say “Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words.” – Saint Francis of Assisi   What kind of example are you setting for others? Do your actions prove out what you say you believe? We are all examples [...]

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Have you been born again? Where do you take your stand? What does taking a stand for Christ mean in your daily life? For Newsboys, it means helping those living in poverty. For others, it is being an authentic friend/father/mother, helping others to learn the Gospel, demonstrating and living forgiveness, etc. How can you be [...]

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Christian men and women in the dating world are met with so much wrong thinking in their relationships. It’s my hope to help you identify certain destructive lies in your thinking before it is too late. LIE #1:  She’s flirting with me because she thinks I’m great. LIE #3:  Her lack of faith won’t pull [...]

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Janet thought about divorce more than once even though her friends thought she was married to the greatest guy in the world. Was he secretly horrible behind closed doors? No. It’s just that Janet’s unfulfilled expectations and assumptions threatened the wonderful potential of their marriage. And all of us can struggle with those same challenges [...]

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Here is a $80 off the couple’s regular registration rate for Weekend to Remember April 16-18, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta. It will improve good marriages and has completely turned around even the most troubled marriages/divorces. If you know a friend or family member that is struggling in their marriage or has recently [...]

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Listen to Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Running To Win, discuss how the world’s view on marriage, divorce and sexual behavior seen on prime-time TV and in the media affects our lives. Is the Bible still applicable, and how would our lives change if we followed a different path than what the current culture says is [...]

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It takes twenty one days to break an old habit and twenty one days to form a new one. Be deliberate about your relationship with Christ. Phil and Heather Joel of, share the importance of taking time for the right things in family. Making time for faith in your home and your life is [...]

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I want to share a few principles from the Bible that will better enable you to discover, know, and walk in the will of God that He has for you. But first, you need to know that the will of God is not so much an itinerary as it is an attitude. Be willing to [...]

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Are your eyes open to those around you that need your help, that need to hear about God’s grace and that have heard the “talk” but have not seen the “walk”? There is someone in your church, your school or at work that needs their spirits lifted. Pay attention for the next few days and [...]

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