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Faith isn’t about seeking your own comfort or short-term happiness. It is about about making sacrifices and serving others so you can grow into the person God wants you to become. True happiness comes from knowing that we have followed the will of God in our lives.

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Check out these artists. Be sure to rate them on iTunes, link Amazon and iLike. Music can be a great way for reaching non-Christians. Rating the artists and songs helps others find them and is an easy way to spread the message. Read the full list of Critics’ Picks from 2009. Brandon Heath – Give […]

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Like most attributes we long for (peace, tuberculosis patience, goodness), a happy heart takes root in the discipline of giving thanks. It’s the secret weapon of the joyous Christian! But what is it about gratitude that creates a happy heart? = = = = = = = = = = = = = Commit to […]

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5 Resolutions to Keep: New Year’s goals that are worth making To reach someone who doesn’t know Christ  To become a grateful person  To spend more quality time with my spouse  To say “no” to something!  To pursue Christ with fresh vigor Read the full article at: 5 Resolutions to Keep As we enter 2010, […]

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