Here is a $80 off the couple’s regular registration rate for Weekend to Remember April 16-18, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta. It will improve good marriages and has completely turned around even the most troubled marriages/divorces. If you know a friend or family member that is struggling in their marriage or has recently [...]

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Despite our best efforts, some people will refuse reconciliation, and hang on to their hurts until their knuckles turn white. Letting go of past injustice seems, for many, to be the ultimate insult. After all, those injustices give these people their reason to go on fighting. Today: a call for all who hold their hurts dear to give them up, and, be healed of their anger.

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Watch more about their story on I Am Second. They talk about meeting in college, marrying right after college, their focus on their careers, their struggles, effects of friends, anger, bitterness, divorce and the new focus in their lives that turned their lives around. Have you had similar struggles? Do you know friends or co-workers [...]

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Does a person fall in and out of love the way Hollywood portrays it? Does something just happen and the light switch flips on or off in our romantic relationships? Or, is falling in and out of love an involved process that takes time and the development of key elements? In my opinion, along with [...]

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No one ever said that reconciliation is easy. It can be very hard. But this is certain: reconciliation is necessary. It can take years to form the deep divisions that keep families and former friends apart. And it may take time to heal those wounds. Today: we’ll learn from the teachings of Jesus the steps to take to seek real reconciliation and find it.

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