Every week, millions of viewers tune into “The Office” to watch the endless antics at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. But why is this show so popular? It seems that the situations are not too far removed from our own day-to-day frustrations. And like the TV characters, many Americans now find themselves in jobs where they are spinning their wheels, going nowhere. Turnover rates are on the rise, and according to a careerjournal.com survey, 75 percent of workers are at least passively looking for a new job.

The advice in this article may seem a little harsh to some. I question whether it is harsh or just extremely honest. Often, we first try to find reasons for our failures or lack of success by looking around us. At least in my personal life, there is often another major contributing factor – me.

If you have seemingly stalled out in your career, though, consider this: You might actually be part of the problem.

Sales expert and coach Jan DeLory notes that “anytime someone has a career crisis, you begin by working on the person and then move to the work environment. Often, you solve the problem before you even get to the second part.”

If your job seems to be going nowhere, ask yourself if you’re making any of these dumb career moves:

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Authentic Christian Living team

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