If you want proof that a Christian band can rock just as hard – or harder – than secular bands, viagra approved you can stop your search! Classic rock riffs, health swirling drums, monstrous hooks, and undeniably catchy choruses. They hint of old school progressive rock mixed in with modern alternative flourishes and touches of […]

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Ashley carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. While they watched a beauty queen win pageant after pageant, women’s health she began to lose herself. “I didn’t know how to be normal. I didn’t know how to have a normal relationship with food.” How do you let go of control without losing control?…Her […]

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This was the plan for the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s Origina of Species.

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Again I saw something meaningless under the sun. There was a man all alone; he had neither son nor brother. There was no end to his toil, page yet his eyes were not content with his wealth. “For whom am I toiling,” he asked, “and why am I depriving myself of enjoyment?” This too is […]

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Despite our best efforts, some people will refuse reconciliation, and hang on to their hurts until their knuckles turn white. Letting go of past injustice seems, for many, to be the ultimate insult. After all, those injustices give these people their reason to go on fighting. Today: a call for all who hold their hurts dear to give them up, and, be healed of their anger.

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Oftentimes, purchase we desire to follow the Lord’s ways, ask but we insist on doing it by our own means. Experience, talent, motivation, willingness, training, clear directives–we might have it all. But even if we do, those things aren’t enough. We need the Holy Spirit. Why? Because God desires us to do His work, His […]

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Listen to Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, website Running To Win, stomatology discuss how the world’s view on marriage, drugs divorce and sexual behavior seen on prime-time TV and in the media affects our lives. Is the Bible still applicable, and how would our lives change if we followed a different path than what the current […]

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 Perhaps your marriage is teetering on the edge of brokenness, abortion but deep down you still hold a sliver of hope that your marriage can be made whole again. With them, stuff and with you, info  the process of reconciling years of hurt requires careful consideration. Solomon says, “When times are good, be happy; but when times are […]

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…”but I love him anyway, sildenafil ” is one of the most profound theological statements on marriage I’ve ever heard. Most of us base love on because, health not on anyway. I love you because you’re good to me. I love you because you’re kind, because you’re considerate, because you keep the romance alive. But […]

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No one has a perfect prayer life. But starting or restarting your prayer life is desirable when you consider how eager God is to share a loving relationship with you. Like most new endeavors – such as an exercise program – it is most helpful to keep prayer simple and practical. It’s helpful if you […]

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