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I once heard my pastors compare his job to a waiter. He said his main role was to serve good food to us. Check out these 10 inspirational quotes from pastors that we love. Our prayer is that they will satisfy your appetite! 1. Andy Stanley

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Today we launch our annual Christmas in July campaign.  Our pages will promote 16 charities that we think are worth noting. If you have Christmas in July ideas, epidemic we want to hear them. Will you take 5 minutes to learn about what each of them do? 1. A21 Campaign Work: Be a voice for those […]

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Truths to hold onto about the One true God: 1.He is Sovereign.  He is Lord over all and there is nothing that is not in His control. 2. He is Good.  God doesn’t use his control for evil- instead He works all things to His good and perfect will (even our rebellion and sin.) So […]

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Last year we posted a question on Mothers day on one of our Facebook pages. The responses from mothers had a bit of a theme: “recognize how much I do around here.” A buzz word right now in the business world is “employee engagement” which comes down to recognition, information pills rewards,  appreciation and support. […]

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We are often asked how to keep Christ the focus of this holiday. Some people ask because they’re trying to figure out what this whole “Christ thing” is about, anemia others are looking to connect with their neighbors and many others are looking for opportunities to bless others with the resources they’ve been given. Thanks […]

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Your character and behavior are a stronger statements to others than anything you can ever say “Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, website use words.” – Saint Francis of Assisi   What kind of example are you setting for others? Do your actions prove out what you say you believe? We are all […]

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“Be very careful when seeking position/status/publicity. There is a big difference between reflecting His light and doing something for our own glory. It is easy to justify a “calling” when we want something – spend time in the Word and look for the answer there.” – Authentic Christian Living Founder

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The best use of life is Love. The best expression of love is Time. The best time to love is Now.

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God’s timing is perfect. He may not do things on your timetable, hospital in the way that you would like or plan for, but he is never late. Remember, He wants more for you than you can imagine.

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