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Last year we posted a question on Mothers day on one of our Facebook pages. The responses from mothers had a bit of a theme: “recognize how much I do around here.” A buzz word right now in the business world is “employee engagement” which comes down to recognition, information pills rewards,  appreciation and support. […]

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Author: Authentic Christian Living team

There are thousands of books on parenting. Even if you had time to read them all (and what parent does) you wouldn’t want to read most of them.  Authentic Christian Living has put together a few categories of Christian parenting books to help narrow down what to read and what you can skip over. All […]

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Author: Authentic Christian Living team

If you have a spouse that goes above and beyond for your family, food share this video. One couple shares how they are able to make TIME for family while both parents working full-time jobs. Making time isnt easy, Sildenafil but when you make a deliberate effort it can be the simple things that really […]

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