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Inexpensive Ways to Honor Your Spouse this Valentine’s Day Create a photo postcard of the two of you Recreate your first date Create a mail box for love notes “Kidnap” your spouse from work or other responsibility Have dinner someplace different in your home Look at your wedding album Dedicate February 14th to learning something […]

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The culture tells us to avoid pain and discomfort at all costs, physiotherapist but that’s not reality. The real question is what kind of pain and discomfort will we face. The decisions we make today will affect us for the future. We can either suffer alone for a lifetime or choose daily to pay the […]

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It is time to take inventory of our friends.  Most people assume that they have certain friends in their life for a reason or that they are not free to choose who they are or are not friends with. The fact is that we choose who is in our lives, apoplectic who we take advice […]

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Are you depressed or have a friend that is? Are thoughts of people from your past affecting your marriage or relationships? Listen to “Soul Ties – Pt 1 and 2”. They walk through how people often feel bad due to connections in their past and how to move past them. Part 2 is a must for […]

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5 Resolutions to Keep: New Year’s goals that are worth making To reach someone who doesn’t know Christ  To become a grateful person  To spend more quality time with my spouse  To say “no” to something!  To pursue Christ with fresh vigor Read the full article at: 5 Resolutions to Keep As we enter 2010, […]

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