Michael Jinkins offers some good examples of healthy leadership in his recent article.

We often assume leadership to be a positive trait, but in fact, it can be good or bad, constructive or destructive. Or, as I believe, healthy or unhealthy. How do we distinguish healthy from unhealthy leadership? I believe there are 10 characteristics of healthy leaders:

  1. They lead from spiritual and emotional health.
  2. They are dedicated to the health of others.
  3. They represent the character and mission of their organization, but are also capable of objectivity.
  4. They understand the organization as a social system.
  5. They provide a calming presence and emotionally well-differentiated leadership.
  6. They plan.
  7. They embrace the wisdom of deliberation.
  8. They are never too old to learn.
  9. They know what to pay attention to.
  10. They enlist followers in change.

Click here to read the full article and the details of each trait.

What other traits do you think a leader needs to have? Who do you think is a good leader at work, in your group of friends or at church? Who do you think sees you as a leader?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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