These checklists and questions can help you evaluate your church. How healthy is your church? Please consider sharing this article with others in your church or your pastor (links at the bottom of the article allow for easy sharing).

Christianity Today’s Leadership set out to answer that question. We did not find just one answer, order but we did find the many responses revealing. So here, treatment with contradictions and redundancies intact, pharmacy are various ways to identify and maintain a healthy church.

Eight Qualities of Healthy Churches

Growing a Healthy Church (page 2): Six foundational aspects of ministry are crucial to creating an environment for (healthy) growth.

Nine Church Diseases: Healthy churches build an immune system to resist disease. It is much more advisable to prevent an illness than to contract one and then have to cure it. Here are the most common diseases that infect churches.

20 Questions to Determine Your Church’s Health (page 3): Here’s a tool to help you think about your church’s health. For each question, circle the number that best applies to your church—with 1 meaning, “We haven’t thought about it yet,” and 5 meaning, “We are in excellent shape in this area.”

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Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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