We asked our community on Facebook what they find helps them prepare for Easter and reminds them of the price Christ paid for our sins and his resurrection. We also wanted to know if they watch it by themselves, approved
with family or do they make an event out of it with friends. Here are the suggestions from other Authentic Christian Living members and links to the movies in our store.

As Christians, many of us practice a variety of traditions in order to prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Easter. One common method today is watching a movie. What movie do you find to be the most meaningful for Good Friday and Easter?

Here are the movies suggestions from the community (thank you to everyone that contributed):

  • The Passion of Christ
    • Suggested by Sivi from Lafayette, Cathy Valencia from Chambersburg, Samantha from Huntsville, Cheryl from Houston, Dave from San Diego, Laura from Chicago, Dennis from Pinckney, Michele from Chicago and Jacque from Conroe
  • The Ten Commandments
    • Suggested byStephanie from Urbana and Sandy from Miamisburg
  • The Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled
    • Suggested by Terri
  • Ben Hur
    • Suggested by Steve from Salt Lake City and Charles from Philadelphia,
  • The Gospel of John
    • Suggested by Janet from Euclid
  • The Robe
    • Suggested by Pam
  • Jesus of Nazareth
    • Suggested by Elaine from Shreveport
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told
    • Suggested by Stacy from Auburn (IL), Connie

 You can find these movies at many stores in your town or in our store (click here for the movies).

The Passion of the Christ? How about others? Do you watch by yourself, with your family or do you invite friends over?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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2 Comments on Movies to prepare for Easter

  1. Steve says:

    The problem with “The Passion of the Christ” is that there is no resurrection scen in it.

  2. Wanita McLaughlin says:

    The True Story of Easter by Ray Vander Laan.

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