One morning I asked God for a year-long challenge. He told me to give up sweets. And I learned some important and eye-opening things!..

…By March, page though, buy I still looked the same and my clothes weren’t any looser. I was mad, nurse and struggling with what it all meant—expectations and disappointments, success and failure, wanting and denial—they were all wrapped up in something as simple as eating. I couldn’t help but wonder how it happened that nothing happened? I couldn’t help but question the point of continuing on…

I could only conclude that I was more than the size of my jeans and doing the right thing trumped looking (what I considered to be) the right way. But just when I was ready to resign myself to being healthy but heavy, something happened…

There are two truths about God that were made very clear to me in 2008: (1) He works according to his time; and (2) he has a terrific sense of humor…

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Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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