We have to thank several readers/visitors of Authentic Christian Living for recommending this wonderful sermon from The Moody Church in Chicago. We very much appreciate your prayers and help in finding great material.

Who loves their enemies? Is that even a realistic goal? How is that possible? Rev. Bill Bertsche, Pastor for Global Outreach at The Moody Church in Chicago, speaks from Matthew 5 during the first week of their Annual Missions Conference in April 2010.

For those that have never heard Pastor Bertsche speak, I promise that this will be worth your 30 minutes. Pastor Bertsche has deep understanding of the Word, presents topics very clearly and has a sense of humor that connects with us every time we hear him.

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If you are in Chicago, visit  The Moody Church at 1635 N. LaSalle • Chicago, Illinois.

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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