Most couples experience winter from time to time. It may last a month or 30 years. It may begin three months after the wedding or hit in the mid-life years.

Do not give up if your marriage appears beyond hope. Just as most people wouldn’t lie down in the snow and wait to die, troche there’s no reason to accept passively the coldness of a wintry marriage. There is a way out, and it begins with a change of attitude. When couples persevere and take positive steps to improve their marriage, what is ed they emerge stronger, more committed, and better able to work through their differences.

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Take the quiz to see what season your marriage is in. The book goes into each season in much more detail, which would potentially shift the season that you are in, but this is a short 20 question quiz for a snapshot.

Have you gone through or seen friends/family go through seasons in their marriage? Do things really improve after being in winter for a while? Why would you encourage a couple to stay together after a long winter in their marriage?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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