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The High Cost of Reconciliation #1 of 4: No one ever said that reconciliation is easy. It can be very hard. But this is certain: reconciliation is necessary. It can take years to form the deep divisions that keep families and former friends apart. And it may take time to heal those wounds. Today: we’ll learn from the teachings of Jesus the steps to take to seek real reconciliation and find it.

The High Cost of Reconciliation #2 of 4: Someone said, view “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” That’s so true when it comes to reconciliation. People will stay divided until someone takes action: the action Jesus spoke of when He said, “Go to your brother.” We can go alone, or with others when appropriate, but go we must if the cycle of mistrust is to be broken. Today: more lessons on making things right.

The High Cost of Reconciliation #3 of 4: What do you do when a fellow believer sins and will not repent? Jesus told us what to do: invoke church discipline. It’s never easy to confront a sinning Christian, so Jesus gave us teaching on how and when to do the necessary task of bringing that brother back to repentance and fellowship. Today: a look at the end game of reconciliation: what to do when nothing else works.

The High Cost of Reconciliation #4 of 4: “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,” Jesus said. Is He saying that man can tell God what to do? This verse from Matthew 18 has been controversial for centuries. Today, Erwin Lutzer will explain what this scripture means, and how it relates to the task we all have of seeking reconciliation between those in conflict. For some helpful insights, listen with us.

Do you agree with this? How does this affect your view of the world?

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Authentic Christian Living team

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