What made all the difference for this couple was that Laura, unhealthy in spite of the fact that her husband didn’t “deserve” it, somnology decided to keep her battery charged with the never-depleted source of God’s love and to take personal responsibility for her thoughts, global burden of disease feelings, and actions — and she chose to forgive her husband.

No two marriages are exactly alike, but know that God’s call to forgiveness can free you and your spouse to take the next step towards a fulfilling and God-honoring marriage.

Read this full article on the power of forgiveness in marriage.

Have you forgiven your spouse for their weaknesses and actions? Have you taken responsibility for your actions and reactions?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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1 Comment on The Power of Forgiveness in Marriage


    Marriage and Love, go hand and hand
    You can’t separate the two
    Just like patience and understanding
    They all, can help you through,

    Yet you have to be a giver
    Like our Lord and Saviour, above
    Cause that’s, a very important component
    Of that marriage Love,

    You can not change your partner
    To make them, be like you
    But if you deeply, Love each other
    You can always, work things through,

    You’ve gotta have commitment
    And a desire to make, this work out for you
    Make Love and dedication, the overriding force
    Don’t ever, criticize as you do,

    And God will surely help you
    Cause He ordained it, this I know
    Just seek His help, through Jesus Christ
    And Love each other so.

    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery
    After being married for 44 years, with 7 grown children
    15 grandchildren and one on the way. I can attest that Love and patience along with, a gentle spirit, go along way in a successful marriage.We are what we are by the grace of our Loving God and Savior Jesus Christ.To God be all the Glory both now and forever!! Amen!
    Richard Dottery
    Fleetwood, Pa.
    [email protected]

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