What does Good Friday, illness Easter and Resurrection Day mean to you? Do you have questions about the resurrection? We hope these articles and videos will help you gain a better understanding.
Is Christ Alive in Our Lives: An Easter Reflection
I have often been guilty of falling back on God rather than referring to an active, diagnosis living relationship with Christ. This conversation with my friend got me to thinking—have we become so “politically correct” that even amongst ourselves as Christians, we find it is easier to talk about “God” rather than “Jesus”?

The Empty Cross, The Empty Tomb
Although we talk about the death of Jesus often, for some reason we have tended to only mention the resurrection at Easter time. Christians sometimes even say Jesus died to save us without mentioning that he also rose for our salvation. It’s time to redress the balance a bit and talk more about Jesus’ death and resurrection. For Christians all over the world, every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday. We meet each week, among other things, in order to celebrate the glorious, wondrous fact that Jesus rose from the dead…

When considering if Christianity is true, it all boils down to whether Jesus rose from the dead.

And as we approach Easter—the central foundation of our Christian faith… the day that Christ rose from the dead… the day that we celebrate the LIVING Christ—shouldn’t it be a day that we confirm Christ living in US? On this Holy Day, I think it is important to ask ourselves, “Are we keeping Christ alive in our lives?”

The Inspiring Message of the Resurrection

The Easter story is a message of hope. Yet many people celebrate this holiday with only chocolate bunnies and egg hunts because they do not know its real purpose.

Don’t let the true message of Easter pass you up. Take time this week to reflect on the amazing events of the Lord’s death and resurrection!

The Resurrection and the Secular Mind
In the greatest question of life, the question of Jesus Christ and your relation to him, there are only two possible answers. Either you believe him for who he is or you reject him and his claims. Yes or no. Life or death. You believe or you don’t. There is no middle ground. Whatever else this day may be, Easter will not really be Easter for you until you take your stand with Jesus Christ….

Everyday Easter
The author’s “spiritual experience” in the Garden of Gethsemane wasn’t what she expected…
I sat in the garden waiting for a “spiritual experience” and listened to life go on around me. I walked away remembering that the power of Easter is that its hope permeates all of life. Ours is the kind of world that needs Jesus, and it’s the kind of world Easter was designed to redeem. We spend one day a year affirming and celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection—and even then we get distracted by colorful eggs, pretty baskets and bonnets, and ham. Thank God that he loves us with Easter-level love every day.

Caught between the Easter Bunny and the Empty Grave
Reducing Easter to a purely spiritual celebration is almost as problematic as reducing it to a consumer smorgasbord.

Is it necessary to believe in the resurrection of Jesus to be saved?
An interesting blog post on an important topic.

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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2 Comments on Collection of Easter Articles and Videos

  1. mike morton says:

    a lot of christians struggle with the issue of the easter bunny and whether to incorporate it in their family festivities and fun. many agonize over it and there are even some heated debates over it. well, i’d like to share my thoughts.
    (1) the easter bunny has no “spiritual” significance at all. he is a product of the fact that spring has sprung and commercialism has latched onto it. so, commercializing the most sacred of christian holy days is nota good thing. but certainly, giving our children anticipation for this day IS a good thing. i believe that so long as our primary emphasis is n the Lord Jesus and that we celebrate it with the Body of Christ, that it does no harm for us to allow our children to hear about the easter bunny, get baskets of treats etc.
    st paul wrote to the corinthians in the 13th chapter “when i was a child i acted as a child, i spoke as a child, i thought ike a child. then when i became a man i put the childishntigs away”
    why not allow our children to be children. to delight in the joys and pleasures of childhood? the world with all of it’s evils certainly is going to become part of their lives much too soon.
    second of all, we know that Jesus was an orthodox jew and celebrated the festivals and convocations of His people. it tells us that He went to the temple on the feast of the dedication. now–for those not familiar, this is hannukah, which celebrates the rededication of the temple after the macchabeans overthrew the assyrians who had invaded their land and desecrated the holiest of holies. since the earliest days of the festival, children have played games with dreidels and reeived gifts. and i suspect that young Y’shua deligthed in receiving tiny gifts and making His own dreidel and playing it with His childhood friends.

  2. My husband and I are taking a true stand against pagan celebrations branded "Christian". We will not celebrate Christmas as such and certainly NOT on Dec. 25th…as it is not the date if His birth. Did you know Jews were stripped naked and forces with full stomachs as part if it, to run for their lives through the streets on the 25th for entertainment of the ruler? Then killed. Look up these traditional elements of this and we do not celebrate Easyer- Ishtar actually a pagan idol- no bunnies, candy, -all pagan! We will celebrate Jesus daily by having relationship with Him, serving others as His children and worshipping Him alone. Please research these things and ask God if they glorify Him…

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