How can God use a person such as me? Do I realize that I am an example, traumatologist a mentor, to others? Your friends, your children, your spouse, and your co-workers all watch you. What kind of example do you set? Do you support them in Christian living and succeeding in life? At one time or another, we have all asked these questions.

Think God can’t or won’t use you? Think again. God uses ordinary people to accomplish His will.

Throughout the Bible, God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Moses had killed an Egyptian who was beating one of His people. Peter was a fisherman. Paul was known for his horrible persecution of believers of Jesus Christ, before his conversion. David was a shepherd. Ruth, Noah, Isaac, Job, James, etc were all ordinary people used to make meaningful impacts in the lives of others.

Think of Billy Graham. He is just an ordinary man that God has used to do extraordinary things, reaching millions of people.

We may not all be called to have an impact that will reach thousands of people today, but you will have a meaningful impact on those in your life and they will have an impact on others.

You are an example of Christian living, whether you want to be or not – you have an influence on others. Your family, your friends, your spouse, your co-workers and your neighbors watch your example.

If you believe God, submit to His will and are obedient to His Word, stand back and watch the work of the Lord.

The following is a A video tribute used at Rockpointe Church to the song She’s Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’Neal.

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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