Weekly Word (video): Have you thought about the long term effects of your decisions?

Watch this 4 minute video from the lead singer of Casting Crowns and this week’s word from Authentic Christian Living:

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People never crumble in a day. It is always a slow fade. Think about your decisions and surround yourself with good Godly friends that will help you and challenge you to live more authentically in Christ. Let them into your life and help them with theirs.

At the end of today’s article is the music video for the Casting Crowns song Slow Fade. I really like how it shows not only the negative outcomes of our decisions but also how it rewinds those events at the end of the video to show how making one small decision can have such a big improvement in the outcome. It also makes me thankful for some really great people in my life, both work and personal, that have made the very difficult decision to step out and ask me difficult questions at pivotal times.

The good news is our lives, our marriages and our friendships can be rebuilt through repentance, forgiveness and grace.

Our lives may not be easy. The good news is that God will give you strength if you choose to follow Him fully. He created us and knows what will ultimately bring us joy. His ways and His timing are not ours. His ways are not what the world tells us will bring us happiness. Jesus came to set us free from this world and He bridged the gap so that we can have a personal connection with father God. He will help you in your choices, both big and small, if you let Him.

You can learn to lead in your family. You can choose to make the right decision in that deal at work. You can change your decision to divorce your spouse. You can reconcile with your ex-husband/wife/children/father/mother. You can forgive, especially where there is repentance and change. You can decide to not take that trip with the “boys” that might lead to bad choices. You can decide to cut off contact with any inappropriate relationships. You can decide to not take advice from those that live selfishly and give advice that contradicts with biblical teachings.

You can decide to take the intentional time to begin reaching out and meet new friends that will support you in good decisions. You can decide to read what the Bible says on topics in your life. You can take two minutes to think about those in your life and pick the one person that may need a good influence in their life and be that person for them.

You decide. What will you decide today? Will you follow God’s prompting and listen to His Word?

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Kurt Uhlir
Kurt Uhlir: Kurt is an adrenaline fueled founder/advisor of technology companies and the founder of several ministries, including Authentic Christian Living and Marriage is Forever. Kurt started his first company when he was 14, has 12 US and international patents and is the current CEO of Sideqik - Sideqik’s partnership platform helps brands market together to grow their sales. He lives near Atlanta with his wife Valerie. Find him online on Twitter @KurtUhlir.
Kurt Uhlir
Kurt Uhlir

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7 Comments on Weekly Word (video): Slow Fade – The long term effects of your decisions

  1. Lillian Peacock says:

    The videos really expanded my understanding of how small decisions have such a lasting impact on our lives…Thank you for sharing the word…it has changed the way I view my choices.

  2. Kim says:

    This song has immense meaning to me. Over 10 yrs ago, shortly after discovering that my son was terminally ill my husband began to turn to internet pornography. I was upset about how much time he spent, but the enormity of that choice was definately not evident. It seemed like that choice only hurt him, and to some degree myself. Years went by…it seemed like that wasn’t fulfilling him anymore. He had purchased pornographic movies, and seemed to fantacize a lot. Still it seemed that there were only two victims here. At one point there seemed to be hope because he came home from church and was “convicted” of his choices. He tore apart all of the tapes destroying them and threw them all away. He did end up returning to that behavior, and one horrific day I was made aware that his obsession had taken him down the most tragic and unthinkable path. I discovered that he had started to abuse our daughters. The abuse was discovered about 3 1/2 years ago. His slow fade took 7 1/2 years from beginning to end, and the results were devastating to our family, friends, and Church community. God will use all thing for his glory in the lives of those who love and seek Him. I am feeling led to publically share my testimony with women’s groups and Slow Fade is a song that I intend to include in my presentation. Thank you Casting Crowns for warning the world against falling into a “Slow Fade”. God’s people need to set their sights on the Savior, and be diligent at living Godly lives, and seeking His will. If you are dedicated to that, you will never lose your way.

  3. Lisa Morgan says:

    I love you on your toes the awesome thank God bless you each and every 1 and Bless you each in every now you work! May you always have left her heart Oregon and keep on keepin on

  4. This is so good! I really needed to be reminded of this and it is so full of hope because God only wants and has the VERY BEST for us!

  5. margareta cronholm says:

    Thank you for the Slow Fade Teaching!

  6. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you for Slow Fade Teaching!

  7. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you for Slow Fade Teaching!

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