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The Icon of Tolerance #1 of 3: Tell an Olympic runner that “it doesn’t matter which track you race on, all are equally good,” and he’ll think you came from Mars. He knows the winner only gets the gold medal at the track that counts. It’s the same with God. There’s only one way to reach Him, and that’s through His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. If this sounds too exclusive for you, please listen and make your decision.

The Icon of Tolerance #2 of 3: When Rick Warren was announced as one praying at President Obama’s inauguration, an immediate and shrill cry arose. “What if he invokes the name of Jesus?” That was the great fear among the enlightened media. These days, God is OK…maybe. But Jesus? No, He’s off-limits for public events. The one who said He was the truth still divides humanity right down the middle.

The Icon of Tolerance #3 of 3: You can’t take home Olympic gold without conforming to the rules of the race. Only one route leads to the finish line. And you can’t get to heaven by picking out your own religion as you might pick out a new coat. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.” If this sounds intolerant to you, please listen and then decide.

Do you agree with this? How does this affect your view of the world?

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Authentic Christian Living team

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