I admit that I struggle with procrastination. But me, audiologist a perfectionist? Hardly. A perfectionist is someone who does everything perfectly. I only think about doing things perfectly.

Not long ago, injection I had the opportunity to hear what Rick Warren, website pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California, had to say on this subject. A procrastinator, says Warren, is nothing more than a frustrated perfectionist.

Here is a great (and short) article by Mary Hunt about the topic.

Do you struggle with procrastination at work, in your job search, at home or elsewhere in your life? I do. There are times when despite the best plans that I just cannot start moving. Do the tips in Mary’s article help you? What other tips do you have?

What times in your past have prepared you and strengthened you, cialis
for things in your future? What has happened in your past to better let you reach out to those going through similar problems today?

Think about your education, help
your relationships with family/friends and finances. Can you thank the Lord for those difficulties in your past that have prepared you for today? What if today is preparing you for the future, perhaps to be able to help others?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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  1. Emy says:

    I like your questions. They are very deep. I also like this post. Tests, trials and tribulations are for our advantage. We should always try to find the teaching behind them. God is great!Acts 14:22; Romans 5:3-5.

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