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Truths to hold onto about the One true God:

1.He is Sovereign.  He is Lord over all and there is nothing that is not in His control.
2. He is Good.  God doesn’t use his control for evil- instead He works all things to His good and perfect will (even our rebellion and sin.)

So not only can we trust Him and rest in His plan, visit web we can count on it…

 Many are the plans of a mans heart but Lords purposes prevail | bible Verse | Proverbs 19
There are going to be countless times in our life where we grow uncertain in our hearts and let that uncertainty drive us towards distrust, ailment questioning, and often an attempt to control.  In those moments of uncertainty it can seem logical to control as many things as we can so that we feel like we are in control again.  The opposite is actually true! You will feel more secure as you let go and trust God with all your plans.  He is good, He is all powerful, He knows everything (including the final outcome) and He only wants the best for us.  Therefore, as we trust him in times of turmoil – and unleash our tight grip on the small things we are trying to control – our hearts grow more at peace.
Trusting God with my plans is wise and ultimately brings peace.

What do you need to hand over control to today?

Authentic Christian Living team

Authentic Christian Living team

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  1. malvenia says:

    Great proverbs of king Solomon

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