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Janet thought about divorce more than once even though her friends thought she was married to the greatest guy in the world. Was he secretly horrible behind closed doors? No. It’s just that Janet’s unfulfilled expectations and assumptions threatened the wonderful potential of their marriage. And all of us can struggle with those same challenges […]

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You have to give David Lapp credit. The 22-year-old young man knew what he wanted, psychiatrist and he got her — a wife. It wasn’t easy. When David and his wife Amber told her father that they wanted to get married (at ages 22 and 21, viagra sale respectively), he hit the ceiling. Thankfully, Amber’s […]

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Are your eyes open to those around you that need your help, anorexia that need to hear about God’s grace and that have heard the “talk” but have not seen the “walk”?

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It is time to take inventory of our friends.  Most people assume that they have certain friends in their life for a reason or that they are not free to choose who they are or are not friends with. The fact is that we choose who is in our lives, apoplectic who we take advice […]

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