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I admit that I struggle with procrastination. But me, a perfectionist? Hardly. A perfectionist is someone who does everything perfectly. I only think about doing things perfectly. Not long ago, I had the opportunity to hear what Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California, had to say on this subject. A procrastinator, says [...]

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Every week, millions of viewers tune into “The Office” to watch the endless antics at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. But why is this show so popular? It seems that the situations are not too far removed from our own day-to-day frustrations. And like the TV characters, many Americans now find themselves in jobs where they are spinning [...]

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Work. Sometimes it’s a place where you’re cranking out ideas and projects like a well-oiled machine. Other times, you’re squeaking through the day, easily distracted. And trust us, we know it’s tough to get everything done. With the workplace in a constant state of change and many companies forced to consolidate job responsibilities to keep [...]

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Employers are increasingly using creative ways to interview and decide on new employees. While employers cannot ask directly, most hiring managers acknowledge that how a candidate conducts themselves in their personal life serves as an indicator for how they will react in many ways on the job. Is the employee organized (may look at how [...]

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“What if every professing Christian suggested [respectfully] reasonable boundaries between home and office to their employers? Would such suggestions be met with termination? Or instead, would Christians be asserting a truth that may actually inspire others and stop the continued intrusion of the marketplace into the private sphere of family?” Click the link below for [...]

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