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Answers to the most-asked questions about Jesus.

In The Jesus Answer Book, page bestselling author John MacArthur offers biblically based answers to the most commonly asked questions about the life and person of Jesus. Divided topically to answer questions about Jesus’ birth, ask life, this death, resurrection, return, and deity, this book also answers questions about what Jesus means to humanity and how people can come to know Him personally.

John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, president of the Master’s College and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry. In more than four decades of ministry, John has written dozens of bestselling books, including The MacArthur Study Bible, The Gospel According to Jesus, and Slave. He and his wife, Patricia, have four married children and fifteen grandchildren.

“The almighty God of the universe humbly came to earth in human flesh to seek and to save the lost”

“Christ is God’s glorious light that shines into the hearts of people”

“Jesus made it clear that the law demands love for God as well as love for one’s neighbors.”

“Those who come to Christ with self-renouncing faith receive true and eternal life.”

“His sacrifice was a sufficient atonement for sins forever.”

“What you think of God will automatically color how you think about everything else.”

“To give glory to Christ, we must confess Him as Lord.”

“Salvation is a matter of confessing that Christ is God and therefore that He is sovereign.”

“He’s also our highest treasure and most precious companion. ”

“We obey Him out of sheer delight.” “Surrender is the believer’s highest joy.”

“The Son of God stepped out of heaven and entered this world to dwell among us.”

“He freely grants us eternal life.” “Men and women do not earn God’s peace, but He gives it to them because He is pleased to do so.”

“Once and for all He paid the price for sins for everyone who would ever believe in Him.”

“A person must worship inwardly with the proper heart attitude.”

“Salvation is by grace alone, but it is not easy. It calls for knowledge of the truth.”

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